First Impressions: Otherside Picnic

Hey so was no one going to tell me that Otherside Picnic fucking owns?

I decided to do this premiere solely because of how queer this poster is, and it does not disappoint.

Everyone reminds me that it doesn’t matter what we say in these, because they’re just meant to be our first impressions of a new series. Unfortunately that reminder does not help me, because my first and sustained reaction to this premiere is a lot of internal screaming and fidgeting because it’s so good y’all, you have no idea, the last time a show got me this invested this quickly I ended up watching The Untamed three times in less than a month because I had run out of other completed adaptations to drown myself in.

Real talk tho, go watch The Untamed. Right now. It’s on Netflix, there’s fifty episodes, you WILL cry, thank me later.

Otherside Picnic is great. It’s great. It’s got a sci-fi/supernatural adventure thing going on. Sorao and Toriko are very cute and relatable. It’s got those good Gay Vibes™ content-starved queers like me go absolutely feral for. There’s a sequence near the end where the soundtrack comes out of nowhere and slaps me in the face with how fucking good it is. I’ve set an honest to god alarm on my tablet so I know when the next episode airs so I can watch it as soon as I wake up next week.

Not pictured: me stimming myself right out of my chair at how much the music here owns.

There is a weird jump just after the opening credits where it feels like a scene was cut, which I mention only because it was a bit jarring. It does very little to impact the fact this premiere was great and I’m going to spend the rest of the season disappointed because of it.

Can you tell she’s a university student yet?

Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to go read some light novels, but YOU should watch The Untamed and then share us with a friend, family member, or significant other! And if you can afford it, maybe consider throwing us a buck or two on Patreon? For 1$ a month you get our heartfelt thanks, the right to bully druidquest into reading more, and early access to any reviews we put out! Have a nice day and stay safe!

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