First Impressions: Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies moved to a starter town?

My sibling described this one as an OP Power Fantasy Anime. My sibling was wrong.

I love you already.

Ok, not entirely wrong, per se, but not entirely right either. Last Dungeon Boonies is about Lloyd Belladonna, the best, most sweetest boy, who grew up in the town right outside the Last Dungeon of the world this anime (based on a manga of the same name) is set in. He dreams of becoming a soldier, which we won’t hold against him because he is a very nice boy, and his reason for doing so makes sense for the character. Sadly, he’s also convinced he’s super weak, because his hometown is populated by max level adventurer/retired saviors of the world, and thus his understanding of said world is incredibly skewed.

Spoiler alert: He’s wrong.

Lloyd is in fact, ridiculously strong by the standards of the rest of the world, while also being super kind and polite and the best boy, you guys, I’m serious. So while this is, technically, an OP Power Fantasy Anime, it’s one that, so far, has been handled super well. Also, there’s this minor plot line involving a handkerchief and curses that’s handled so subtly and so well, that I want to point it out, even if I can’t go super in depth because spoilers.

This first episode didn’t give us much in the way of plot, busy as it was setting up some of our main characters, but I’m cautiously optimistic. The art style is nice, if a little generic, the sound design in decent so far, and I like what little of the characters we’ve been introduced to.

I’ll be sticking with this one, at least for a few episodes. Check it out if you have the time.

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