First Impressions: Heaven’s Design Team

It’s hard to put words to half an hour of uninterrupted glee.

I can’t believe I almost watched the sports anime instead

Heaven’s Design Team is a workplace comedy about the designers God hired to create all the animals of Earth, because he got bored with all the tedious busy work of universal creation and subcontracted it. The result is a show about competent people getting into petty squabbles, which I am absolutely here for. I like lighthearted comedy shows. They’re fun, and they don’t result in me getting lectures in accurate medieval bow usage from my housemates.

This is my wife, about to absolutely murder an old man who keeps bothering her with petty bullshit.

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this premiere, beyond that you should absolutely check it out, but here’s a few more screenshots anyway, because it was a Delight and I couldn’t stop taking them!

This smug asshole designed The Best Noodles. Thank you, smug asshole.
So nice to see children learning good habits from their parents.
Will Graham’s new best friend

And if you have the time and inclination, consider sharing us around to your friends and checking out our Patreon! We appreciate your time and support in whatever form it takes! Stay safe, and have a fantastic day!

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