First Impressions: Back Arrow

Fun fact, I tried to watch the nightmare spider anime from hell before this one, but it turns out my extremely reasonable arachnophobia wasn’t interested, so this premiere didn’t exactly have the highest bar to clear this morning.

This is the only woman we see in a mech in this premiere. Don’t strain yourself, character artists.

That said, Back Arrow’s kinda fun! It’s a sci-fi western mech anime that opens with a religious sermon about how the wall that surrounds the world is what created and protects them, and already I think I know where this is going. This is due both to the religious devotion to the wall and the fact no one thought to ever question it somehow, and also because characters turn into giant mechs by using super special science armbands and their own internal conviction, which is some videogame logic if I ever heard it.

I get where you’re coming from, but also, you absolutely fricken’ are.

Also, the titular character crashes naked in a village in the middle of nowhere with no memory, and is capable of using a super OP mech despite this, allegedly because he has no conviction, which is a claim I’m looking forward to someone correcting in the coming episodes with extreme prejudice.

Overall this premiere was very fun! I’m looking forward to what comes next. Pants, hopefully.

You know what else is magnificent? The Untamed. You should go watch it.

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