First Impressions: Horimiya

I need to invest in Photoshop at some point so I can start including variations of that Stacker Pentecost gif. The one for this review would be with The Hidden Dungeon as Gottlieb and Horimiya as Newt, because this is the anime I wish I had gotten to watch yesterday instead.

They’re married. Not even fifteen minutes into the premiere and they’re not even dating but they’re married. Ridiculous.

Horimiya is a cute little romcom about a pair of teenagers who accidentally run into each other outside of school and discover that they’re, like, actually both real, three-dimensional people, and they kind of like knowing each other as three-dimensional people, actually. It’s one of those slice of life anime that reminds me that I do, actually, kind of adore slice of life anime.

Morimiya, answering the question “Why don’t you date [male classmate]?”

That said, it is still a slice of life anime, so there’s not much to say beyond, “It’s good, go watch it.” The animation is competent, the characters are fun, and the end credits are super cute. It’s good. Go watch it.

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