First Impressions: Sk8 the Infinity

A snowboarder from Canada tries his hand at a super exclusive underground skateboarding race and proves, once again, that Studio Bones is extremely competent at their jobs.

Yes, that is duct tape.

Sports anime and I have a troubled relationship. On the one hand, I’m a huge fan of strong platonic friendships, intense rivalries, and watching idiot boys hurt themselves trying to be The Best, and a good sports anime always provides me with at least one of these things in bulk.

This is Reki. Reki is best boy.

On the other hand, I don’t care about sports that I don’t have a personal investment in, and I resent being taught anything about them because I know I’ll just forget and be confused in a few episodes when this one very specific weakness of a position comes up again so that the protagonist or their rival can exploit it. I’m a swimmer, dammit. I never had to put this much thought into what other people are doing during a competition.

But Sk8 the Infinity? It’s good. It’s so good. Reki is great. Langa is great. The “anti-hero” is a hate sink worthy of the title, at least in the first episode, and I look forward to seeing if he learns what an anti-hero is and adjusts his behavior accordingly.

He injured Reki’s arm, btw, by throwing literal explosives at him during a race. Y’know. Like an anti-hero would.

Obviously, the fact a show by Studio Bones is good isn’t ground-breaking. They have a long list of holy shit this is great go watch it anime, and I’m looking forward to seeing if this one takes its place among them.

He’s saying this to Reki, and yet, I feel inexplicably called out.

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