First Impressions: WAVE!! -Let’s go surfing!!-

The thing about sports anime is that even when it isn’t trying to it ends up being remarkably gay.

Breaking News: Local Boy Imprisons Recently-Arrived Surfer in Irises, Doctors are Baffled

Wave!! is the anime installation of a multimedia project about a teenage boy who sees a cute boy surfing one morning, and then decides that surfing is his life’s passion, too, actually, no shut up, it’s totally the surfing he was entranced by, he absolutely isn’t only suddenly interested in it to impress a cute boy.

Look, it’s a sports anime. Part of a larger multimedia project or no, it’s still just a sports anime, and unlike that other sports anime I looked at this season, this one isn’t really anything special. The animation is decent, the characters are convincingly teenage boys, there’s some beautifully colored water. The main character doesn’t know how to swim, which I feel like should have maybe been the first step of his totally-not-a-crush teaching him how to surf, but they’re fourteen and gay as hell so maybe that was expecting too much.

There’s no way this could possibly come back later in a more tragic context.

It’s fine. I gave Skate-Leading Stars three episodes and I didn’t even particularly enjoy that premiere, so I suspect I’ll be sticking with this one for a little longer. If you like sports anime you might give it a shot, too.

Look Crunchyroll wouldn’t load the episode again when I went back for screenshots. Go watch the Untamed, it’s also remarkably queer, and also, good.

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