First Impressions: Idol Anime Blitz!

Because none of us particularly care for idol anime, I will be doing this season’s all at once. You’re welcome.

First Anime: Gekidol

“Good thing you’re the protagonist!”

Girl sees theater production, wants to become actress, also there’s an apocalypse going on. 6/10 – good animation, decent music, characters fine

Second Anime: I*Chu

the best character

Boys trying to become idols but they’re bad at it. 4/10 – Too many characters and none of them interesting.

Anime the Third: Idolls!

don’t listen to the cursed artifact you morons

Uncanny valley idol group is bad at it, takes advice from cursed souvenir to get better. 4/10 – how dare you make me look at this

Fourth Anime: Idoly Pride

spoiler: she dies in the first episode

Standard idol nonsense plus ~ghosts~ 7/10 – at least the characters are people

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