Ace Anime Reviews Rwednesday #2, 20 January 2021: Unprofessional Bickering

In which our subtitle perfectly encapsulates the contents of the episode.

Good morning everyone! Today we bring you the latest episode of Ace Anime Reviews Rwednesday, which is, somehow, not also going to be our last episode. I know, I was surprised too, but hopefully our bickering and tech issues don’t bother you as much as they did us? Thanks for supporting us, stay safe, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Audio Transcript: Ace Anime Reviews Rwednesday
20 January, 2021
Ace (A), Charlie (C), Noah Haley (NH)

A: You just need to introduce the site, and then you need to introduce yourself –

NH: Hi, welcome to Ace Anime Review Rwednesday! I’m Noah Haley with Ace Anime Reviews, joining me today are Ace of Ace Anime Reviews – hello, let’s pause this for a second here, so that I can hear what’s being said. Stop playing! Very professional, as you can see.

A: Yeah. We keep a tight outfit around here.

NH: Yep, run a tight ship.

A: Yeah. Gonna have to get up at some point and go get my food out of the oven.

NH: Oh, that’s disgusting. Ok, now, oh, hold on, I’m looking for last week’s itinerary.

(Crosstalk, unintelligible)

NH: Huh?

C: We’re doing a different thing today.

NH: Well, yeah, but I imagine the intro’s supposed to be the same.

A: Yeah. It’s the same itinerary.

NH: (talking over him) There it is. Ok, I’m Noah Haley, I use – (realizes they’ve interrupted The Boss) Uh, I use they/them pronouns. I’m the newest writer for Ace Anime Reviews, which is a[n] anime review site, surprise surprise, run by my older brother Ace, who is…

A: Right here. I use he/him pronouns, and I’m incredibly upset about having to work tonight, and also

NH: (crosstalk) Tell ‘em to fuck off.

A: How many, how many frickin’, how many’s on this? I’m gonna count how many I have on this list. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty! Twenty!

NH: Why did you watch so much fucking anime?

A: I’m watching twenty anime this season! Half of these are in their second cour, or their second season, or something, which is just carrying over. I don’t have the attention span for this! And Cells at Work: Black had three episodes this week! They better not stick that, keep up with that, or else, uh, next week we’re gonna be, ‘well, I’m not watching Cells at Work: Black anymore!’ Which is normally what it would be, but I managed to make it through it this week, but, you know. Ok, anyway! Uh, Charlie, you need to introduce yourself.

C: (definitely paying attention) Oh, I’m Charlie, I use they/him pronouns, and I only watched one anime this week, so I don’t have much to talk about.

NH: (talking over A, guilty) I, also, only watched one anime. I mean, I watched the second episode of Back Arrow, which was disappointing. 

A: Oh, I didn’t watch that.

NH: Did not live up to the fun of the first episode.

A: I actually didn’t watch that, I couldn’t. I was fallin’ asleep after work on Saturday morning. I fell full asleep in my chair while watchin’ the spider, so I didn’t watch anything I wasn’t super sure I wasn’t already enjoying after that, ‘cause I had to play catch up.

NH: It wasn’t great. I mean, it was fine. It’s more fun than some anime this season, but it’s not worth keeping up over, say, Sk8 the Infinity. Which is great, and I wish I could watch the second episode while we do this, but unfortunately Funimation doesn’t wanna give me any sound.

A: Oh, dear.

NH: ‘Cause I’m using my headphones with discord.

A: It was a slice of life-y type deal. (to game) Why does this only have one? 

NH: It what?

A: It was kind of more of a slice of life. It was mostly just spent the whole episode teaching the Canadian how to skateboard. He fell down – 

NH: (interrupting) Oh, that sounds hilarious!

A: Yeah, he fell down a lot. It was funny. There was a lot of slapstick.

NH: K, I’m gonna watch it as soon as we’re done, then.

A: Well, anyway, we need to talk about the Patreon. We’re not on to the actual talking about anime part yet, somebody talk about Patreon.

NH: Right, we have a Patreon! At the moment, I’m bringing it up right now on my screen. At, all one word. It looks like, are these voting, not voting, patreon tiers accurate?

A: Yes.

NH: Alright, so for one dollar a month, you get early access to reviews! They’ll come out on Patreon a week early. We won’t be starting that until we have a few patreons, at least, just so that we can continue to drum up some traffic for the site. You’ll also get to make suggestions and vote on light novels that druidquest has to read every month. We’ll see whether or not – Oh. Charlie’s wandering away to get their headphones [thus beginning the descent into madness and bullshit]. And that’s for one dollar a month! Early access to reviews and vote on druidquest’s light novel reviews. Five dollars a month! You get access to our discord server, where we talk about anime, and, really, anything we want to talk about, in addition to the – tiers from the first reward – rewards from the first tier! And for ten dollars a month, you get automatic entry into a monthly drawing to join us for one of these streams. Plus the early access, voting rights, and access to our discord server.

A: Yeah. And I’m also thinking about a book club type deal, but that’s still just percolating, I don’t have any like, concrete…

NH: A book club is gonna have to wait until at least one more of us has income.

A: Yeah.

NH: (crosstalk) So that we can buy the –

A: Oh, well, you never know – I mean, it’d be called book club, but there’s plenty of, you know, stuff where you can watch – read, like Shonen Jump, you can read the new stuff for free, and there’s plenty of – ‘Cause I don’t even read light novels, so

NH: Oh, I know where you can go to get light novels for free, but that’s what I mean. We should have at least the outward aesthetic of buying things.

A: Yeah.

NH: Um, we shouldn’t have to. Capitalism is a curse!

A: Yes, it is.

C: I’m back, by the way.

NH: Hi, welcome back. I think that as long as Peter Grill is still making money, capitalism should not be allowed to exist.

A: (crosstalk) Do you really think that it’s still –

NH: (crosstalk, inaudible)

C: That would be nice.

A: I doubt that anime actually made any money. You know what, this is, I don’t –

C: They’re still makin’ it.

A: I can’t build a deck and…

NH: (echoing unpleasantly due to dual mics because Charlie is a dumbass) They are making money. Mostly because they have to – what is this shit?

A: I hear a huge echo.

NH: Yeah, it’s because Charlie is on their bed, so we’re streaming in the same room.

A: Somebody needs to mute something. Or put on headphones.

NH: Charlie, you wanna come down here and sit next to me? No no, it’s their mic, their mic is picking me up.

A: Ok.

NH: So you’re getting input from my mic and you’re getting input from Charlie’s everytime I open my mouth.

A: Well, that’s bad, you need to

C: Hang on, I’ll come down and join you down there. (inaudible) We can use the same mic!

NH: It’s a fancy mic, too. I mean, it’s an off brand mic.

A: It’s awful though, this echo is bad, and you guys need to deal with it immediately.

NH: Is that better?

A: That is much better.

C: Can you still hear me clearly?

A: I cannot hear you.

NH: Yes, come, join me in hell. Uh, hell is what I call the desk. ‘Cause it’s just where I happen to be. Really, hell is wherever your heart is.

A: Yeah.

NH: What were we talking about? We were talking about how Peter Grill is bad, but it makes money because, um

A: Because it’s porn.

NH: Ecchi fanboys find male rape absolutely histerical. 

A: And because it’s porn.

NH: Also, because the way it’s censored, that’s all they can focus on.

A: Yeah.

NH: So they released the heavily censored version, which is a fucking nightmare. They released the Great Philosopher version, which is barely less censored, and is also a fucking nightmare. And they sell uncensored versions through the producer’s website, allegedly.

A: It makes money ‘cause it’s porn. That’s, that’s just –

NH: (interrupting) It’s not porn. 

A: It’s basically porn.

NH: It’s very boring fanservice. At best.

A: Yeah. It’s softcore porn. Alright.

NH: Ecchi in general is just weird. If you wanna watch porn, just go watch porn, it’s fine. Don’t do it in public, but like…

A: Yeah. There’s plenty of places you can watch porn online, for free. I’ve gotta go get my food, I’ll be back. You guys chat about something.

NH: We’re being abandoned.

C: I know.

NH: Which anime have you been watching this week?

C: (inaudible)

NH: Well, I’ve been watching Angel Beats. Which is great, I’m gonna write a review of it, and then I’m gonna do Charlotte, so I can’t talk too much about it, I guess. I’m gonna do Charlotte, which is – Angel Beats is the first anime by the duo that did Angel Beats, Charlotte, and, most recently, The Day I Became a God. So I’m gonna do a review on Angel Beats, and then I’m gonna do a review on Charlotte, and then I’m gonna do a review on The Day I Became a God, because by then, The Day I Became a God should have a full english dub out, if the universe doesn’t hate me. I like Angel Beats, it’s not great. It’s got this one recurring joke, especially early on, where a character will tell – I’m blanking on the main character’s name – the main character that he’s fond of him, and the main character will say ‘Are you gay?’ You know, that early 00s humor. 

C: Yeah.

NH: It’s just so – and then they give that character a last second love interest, which is so boring. It’s so boring. But it’s a good show, it’s about – I mean, I won’t go too much into it. But I like it for a lot of the same reasons I liked The Untamed. It’s a – not unique, but engaging exploration of trauma and how it sort of freezes you in place. Like, it’s literally set in a high school purgatory for children who died young and traumatically.

A: Ok, I’m back.

NH: It’s really good. It’s good, you should watch it.

C: Hi, Ace, welcome back!

A: Hi, I’m back!

NH: Charlie was very upset that I expected them to communicate with me.

A: I’m sorry.

C: I was paying attention!

NH: They didn’t have anything to add, so I kept rambling about something I already said I wasn’t going to get into too much. Heart-breaking.

A: Oh, ok. Well, I’m back. 

C: (inaudible)

A: So this week’s, uh, I think I’m going to change the subtitle on youtube to ‘this is a mess’. But, we’re very professional here.

NH: (laughing) ‘This is a mess.’ We’ll get better.

A: Yeah. So, anyway, let’s get started. Where is my overly long list? Ok. First we have Cells at Works. Like I mentioned, Cells at Work: Code Black has three goddamned episodes this week, and that is too many goddamn episodes to have in one week. One of them was hilarious –

NH: (crosstalk) Was it good at least?

A: One of them was funny. It was the one where the body wanted to bone, so they had to give him an erection, it was great. Because it was, uh, they were very very horrified to hear that sometimes, humans have sex just for fun.

NH: Sorry, I’m stepping away for a minute so I’m giving Charlie my headphones.

A: Ok. So, anyway. Also the sperm looks horrible. It looks like it’s awful to be them. And, they’re just little sperm dudes with baby heads sticking out the top of them. And they go about how they want to talk to Ovum-chan. They just can’t wait to meet her. Like, you guys are gonna be really disappointed if it turns out that your body’s gay. ‘Cause then you’re, heh, not gonna happen. Which is, I think the conclusion that Fen and I came to, is that we just concluded that the body is gay. So, uh, we think it’s just more fun that way.

C: Yeah.

A: Anyway, and then the fourth episode was gonorrhea. I heard some things about the gonorrhea tentacle monsters, but they weren’t as bad as I was led to believe they would be. So, you know, that’s Cells at Work: Black. Oh, and then the first one that was this week was about alcohol. And it was one of those that just raises too many questions about how the setting of Cells at Work works, so I’m not gonna get into it.

C: That’s probably what they hope for.

A: Yeah, and then the regular Cells at Work was – the first half was about vaccines, and then the second half was about the Peyer’s Patch which is like a section of the intestine that lures in bacteria to kill them off quickly and keep you healthy. And watching the regular Cells at Work after the Cells at Work: Black is, like, really jarring, because Cells at Work kinda promotes the exact same work ethic that Cells at Work: Black is deconstructing very painfully. Like, I mean, it works, because it’s a children’s edutainment show about cellular biology, so the whole ‘they never stop working’ is part of the education thing for the eight year olds, but if you’re going to watch both of them, I do recommend watching the regular one first, and then watching Code Black. So, yeah, that’s Cells at Work

A: Then we had Higurashi, where the kids spend a few minutes learning to cheat at mahjong, and then Rika died horribly four times in quick succession, because Higurashi is fun. Okay, and after that was Jujutsu Kaisen

C: It’s funny?

A: Oh, yeah. Fun times. Lots of eyeballs poppin’ out of skulls. And part of the Higurashi curse is apparently that everybody just has way too much blood.

NH: Did Yuuji get a new cheetoh to snack on?

A: Huh?

NH: In Jujutsu Kaisen. Did he get a new cheetoh to snack on?

A: No. He just reunited with his buddy – with his friends, and then they set up, they reintroduced all the characters and set up the little inter-school fight thing. It was a set up episode for the next arc, basically. It was funny, but, you know, not a lot goin’ on.

And then in Spider, the spider learnt some new skills, and built a house that got burnt down, and I felt really bad for her, and I was like ‘I hope next time, you just kill humans. Just, just kill all the humans so they don’t burn your house down again.’ And then she evolved, she digivolved into a new type of spider.

NH: (amused) Digivolved.

A: Yeah. And then, uh, Laid Back Camp, it was New Year’s. Rin went camping for New Year’s, and it was very pretty. How about Heaven’s Design Team, have you been keeping up with that?

NH: I have not watched anything except for Angel Beats.

A: Oh. Well, they tried to make a unicorn, and we learned all the scientific reasons why unicorns don’t work. And then they made a whole bunch of –

NH: (interrupting) Fuck science.

A: Yeah. They made a bunch of whales and stuff. And the old man who’s obsessed with horses managed to sneak in seahorses by making kelpies smaller. It was very cute. Let’s see, Boonies, was, they found out that the mage was the princess they were looking for so that they could get the kid into school. And, uh, it was actually a pretty good episode, but it was at the beginning of the week so I don’t remember much about it.

NH: What? This stream might actually go quicker because Charlie and I have nothing to add to any of this.

A: Oh good! Because, uh-

NH: What we should do, is we should pick an anime that was – what the hell was that?

A: I’m just gonna go through what happened, and then general things, and then if we happen to find something that I want to talk about, or you guys want to talk about, then we’ll just comment on that. Next I have Jobless Reincarnation. Which was a really good episode, and I think the horniness is actually a character flaw. Like, obviously, it’s a character flaw, but I think it’s a character flaw on purpose. ‘Cause I think they might be setting it up for him to be learning to not be such a nasty awful horndog.


A: I can’t hear you guys! Can you guys hear me?

NH: It’s fine, I was just checking that you couldn’t hear the game I was playing.

A: Ok. Yeah, so, ‘cause we find that he gets significantly less horny towards the ladies in his life after he actually gets to know them. So I’m thinking that’s actually a character flaw that he’s actually going to, like, get over. Which is good 

C: (interrupting) Well, that’s a lot better than (inaudible)

A: and it’s not just a quirky character trait like it normally is.

NH: Oh. My equipment is (inaudible). You think that’s why I was being beaten so quickly?

C: One second, I need to yell at your sibling.

A: (frustrated noises)

NH: Ace gets to play a game on stream, why don’t I get to play a game on stream?

C: Because your game makes you mad.

(unprofessional bickering until 18:04)

A: Next is Kimono Jihen and there were bugs in it, and it was great. Promised Neverland was good. I’ve read the manga, there’s nothing- they learned how to live in the forest and Emma killed something. And then Horimiya –

NH: Sounds cute.

A: I don’t remember much about Hori- oh, right, the girl found out she didn’t remember the dude’s name. And it was cute and funny, and that’s just still a cute show. And then we already talked about Sk8 the Infinity, that there was a lot of slapstick and falling. I wasn’t paying attention to the third episode of Picnic again. I was on my phone again. I don’t remember much about it, just that there were big headed alien dudes. Osomatsu-san was one of the themed ones with lots of shorts, and the shorts were that they were all pretending to be other things, like the first little segment was the one I kinda remember the best. It was Ichimatsu as a cop trying to talk down a jumper, and he’s just ‘Eh, I can’t do anything about it, go ahead and jump.’ And at one point, he pulls out his gun and starts firing wildly at people, which normally is a joke that does not work in this, The Year of our Lord 2021, but since random acts of violence are kind of one of Ichimatsu’s things, it kinda didn’t rub me the wrong way the way it usually would. And then there was another one where Chibita is trying to drum up business for his oden stand, because COVID, by turning it into a maid stand and poor Koromatsu’s horrified.

And then in Slime Time! Lots of diplomatic relations, and cultural exchange, and I really wish that’s how international politics worked. Just people being real nice and respectful to each other, and being like, ‘oh, hey, you guys do this cool thing. I would like to know how to do this cool thing. Why don’t you teach us how to do this cool thing you do, and we’ll teach you how to do this cool thing that we do!’

NH: Because then we wouldn’t be able to kill each other with it.

A: Yeah, I guess, but, you know, that should be how it is. Too bad it’s not. And then, let’s see, Egg. She fought an abusive gymnastics coach, who, for whatever reason, turned into a monster with paint tubes for tits. I don’t know what that had to do with gymnastics, but it did look cool. She also made friends with the other magical egg girl. Then Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! is one of the others I’m watching. That’s just a cute chibi short thing that is required for all popular anime franchises to have at some point. And this one, they did a hanami and went to the bath house.

Then Yamishibai, which they have this season. There’s a family, and every year on the anniversary of the mom’s death, she comes to visit as a ghost, and it turns out at the end, it’s not actually her. And it’s creepy.

And then in Re:Zero – Re:Zero was good. Garfield and Subaru got into a little fist fight, and, yeah. So that’s all the ones I watched. What have you guys been watching?

NH: Angel Beats.

A: Yeah. I don’t know anything about that, except that it’s by the same guy who made one anime that started off strong and then got really bad, and then he made another anime that started off strong, and the last episode just kinda ruined everything that was really good about it.

NH: That seems to define all three of this duo’s anime. They’re the same people who did Charlotte and The Day That I Became a God.

A: Yeah, Charlotte is the one that was, it was really good for a little bit, and they crammed a whole season’s worth of plot into one episode. And then Day That I Became-

NH: (interrupting) Oh yeah. I really enjoyed-

A: Oh, go for it.

NH: Sorry. Go ahead.

A: I said The Day I Became a God-

NH: (interrupting again) Oh, I really enjoy- Go ahead.

A: I said The Day That I Became a God was really good until the last episode when it was implied that he was romantically interested in the disabled fourteen year old. Him, the eighteen year old adult.

NH: I- you- what?

A: Yeah, it’s not cool.

NH: Ok, I haven’t been keeping up on that one because I’ve been doing other things, but ok. Yeah, no, I like Angel Beats.

A: The Day I Became a God is bad, don’t watch it.

NH: Yeah, Angel- I’m gonna watch it, because I’m doing a review for all three of these series. I like Angel Beats up until the point where it’s obvious they got the news their season was being cut in half, and they had to rush a lot of resolution. And they did that by introducing shadows.

A: Oh. They could do what they did when Stars Align found out they were only gettin’ one cour instead of two, when they just ended on a cliffhanger.

NH: That’s very petty, and I support it.

A: Yeah. 

NH: And then I watched the second episode of Back Arrow, and it wasn’t – it was fine. It wasn’t as fun as the first episode was.

A: Ah, that’s a shame.


NH: He did put on clothes. So that’s a bonus. He’s wearing clothes now.

A: Oh, that’s good. Character development. Always nice.

NH: Yep. The only character development I care about this early in the season: he was naked, and now, he is not.

(unprofessional bickering until 28:48)

A: Well, anyway. That was a very short discussion, and not very interesting, and then we argued. So. Yeah.

NH: It’s fine, it’s – (inaudible)

C: Yeah. You could always keep up the twenty, and then pick three to talk about.

A: Oh! See, there we go! We’ll have to do that. So, then you’ll have to pay attention to a few of them and view – So which of these three do we want to talk about?

NH: I made this exact suggestion not ten minutes ago!

A: Oh, there! Ok!

NH: Let’s just pick some anime to focus on!

A: Ok, let’s do that, which one’s do we want to – which ones do we think will give us material to have discussions about? Sk8 the Infinity will, because we both like that.

C: I’ll keep up with the spider one.

NH: I am not watching the spider one.

A: Yeah, no, spider’s no good.

NH: I’m vetoing the spider anime. Sk8 the Infinity, Heaven’s Design Team, and…

A: I think Wonder Egg Priority, you guys should watch Wonder Egg Priority

NH: Wonder Egg Priority, that’s – is that on Funimation?

A: Yes. And, I kinda wanna talk about Jobless Reincarnation too. I think that there can be room for discussion there. At least one of you should be watching that one.

C: I’ll watch that one.

A: Ok. So, we’re gonna try talkin’ ‘bout Egg, Jobless, Sk8, and Heaven’s Design? Oh, I also watched Non Non Biyori, I forgot to put that one on my list, oh well. Not a lot happened. They just- Actually Non Non Biyori was kind of interesting, they kind of almost did something interesting with it this week. ‘Cause it was called ‘Hotaru looks really mature’ or something like that. Because, ok, so the thing is, in Non Non Biyori, Hotaru is in fifth grade, but she looks like a high schooler. So she’s often mistaken for being older than she is. And so, like, in the first segment, which was about them planting tomatoes, they were all commenting how she’s so mature because she’s

NH: (interrupting) Why don’t you come in here and talk about it? Fen is lecturing us, without contributing.

A: Oh. 

C: Non Non Biyori!

A: Hotaru likes bell peppers, and they said that she’s very mature for that, and then the high school girl who was introduced last season brought her friend from this season, and her friend thought that Hotaru was older, and then the last half of the episode is all about reminding the audience and the other characters that, yeah, she’s like, ten. Let’s not be treating her like a teenager, because she’s not a teenager. Even if she looks like one. Which is almost, almost something smart and interesting for a moe anime to be bringing up. I kinda wish they would do more with that, but I know that they won’t because it’s not that kinda show. But, you know. So, yeah. 

C: (inaudible)

A: What? I can’t hear you.

NH: Is the second episode of Dr. Sprite called the Chikua Penis? 

A: I don’t know what it’s called, I didn’t watch it.

NH: Sorry.

C: (inaudible)

(unprofessional bickering until 32.43)

C: But, yeah, an anime that’s maybe not the best at what it’s trying to portray will often try to tackle subject matter they’re not prepared for. It’s annoying.

A: Well, I mean, it’s not like they’re trying to tackle it, it just kinda came up as a thing, but not really, like – It was, it was a joke. It’s a running gag that she’s often mistaken for being older than she is. And she sometimes acts like it. It’s not like, they’re not trying to be smart about it. They just kinda accidentally were. 

NH: (inaudible) smarter.

A: Yeah. 

C: That reminds me of this webcomic I’ve been reading. I’ll Meet You In My Nineteenth Life. Have you 

A: I started reading that one, and then I kinda bounced off it after, like, a week. Like, there’s somethin’ about the fact that he was like twelve when she started – oh no, he was nine when she started crushin’ on him. Like, ew.

C: She was, like, twelve, she just remembered being ancient. 

A: Yeah. No, he was like nine, when she started crushin’ on him. That’s the ‘kinda ew’ bit. But yeah, but, um, what’s up about-

C: (inaudible) 

A: You’re cuttin’ in and out, I can barely understand you. I messed up again.

C: Yeah, her whole attitude – (inaudible)

A: I can’t hear you, you’re cuttin’ out. Do you have it down on your-? It says you’re muted.

C: Yeah, I’m talkin’ through Haley’s.

A: Oh. You need to lean over them.

(Tech problems until 35.38)

A: I can hear you now. So what point were you making about it?

C: I think she’s convinced herself she’s in love with him, ‘cause she’s been emotionally dead for so many lifetimes. But it’s more of an obsession and, yeah.

A: Yeah. Ok.

C: An unhealthy- It’s very realistically portrayed as an unhealthy relationship. 

A: Oh! Ok. I got you. Hey, we forgot to talk about the most recent and upcoming reviews on the site. The most recent was a light novel review about something about a club that Fen did.

NH: (inaudible)

(unprofessional tech problems until C moves downstairs at 37.24)

NH: Ok, so, the most recent review posted was by Fen, it was for… I just lost the title again. Our Crappy Social Game Club is Going to Make the Most Epic Game. About a dude who transfers schools from one game club to another and they decide they’re going to make the most epic game, apparently.

A: Oh. I don’t know what a social game club is.

NH: I assume it’s a LARPing thing.

A: Probably.

C: I think it’s a club dedicated towards making an otome game.

A: Oh. Lame.

C: Yeah.

A: Well, I mean, it’s- what are you gonna do, they’re high schoolers.

NH: I mean, it’s also possible that it’s just like a tabletop RPG thing.

A: Yeah. I’m sure all this information is already in the review, but-

NH: No, it’s not, I’m looking at it.

A: Oh. 

NH: Just a sec…

A: What? You stopped talking.

NH: Social game development club… It’s a game club. That’s all I know about it. It sounds cute, though. I meant to pick it up, and then I got distracted by something. The stress of this week, probably. As is my habit.

A: Yeah.

NH: (crosstalk) And the most recent one. Charlie is on the next. What are you doing Charlie, for your review on Friday?

C: (realizing the passage of time) I haven’t decided yet, it depends on whether or not I’m allowed to do a game.

A: You can review a game, you can review whatever you want. I mean it’s called Ace Anime Reviews, but-

C: (interrupting) Oh, cool! Then I’m gonna do Old Man’s Journey.

A: Ok. I mean, it’s called Ace Anime Reviews, but that’s only because Ace Reviews was taken on Patreon.

NH: Hm.

C: How dare!

NH: You could call Ace Media Reviews.

A: I went with Ace Anime Reviews because it was suggested when I was buying the domain.

C: And we are mostly anime.

A: Yeah. That is the focus.

NH: Yeah.

A: But, yeah, you can review whatever you want.

C: Ok. Have either of you played Old Man’s Journey?

A: I’ve never even heard of it.

NH: I don’t have money, so no.

C: Well, I own it, if you ever want to play it, but it’s really gentle and it’s nice.

A: Well, that’s good.

C: Yeah. Old guy goes to see his ex-wife as she dies. Spoiler alert.

NH: Oh. That’s sad.

C: Yeah. But as he goes through, he’s like, reflecting on his life, and it’s- I’ll save it for the review.

A: Yeah, save it for the review. Ok, so now we gotta plug stuff, does anybody got somethin’ to plug?

NH: Charlie’s been streaming.

C: Yeah. On Twitch, it’s the same ecpaulstein. There’s no set schedule yet. And I’m not very good at it, but come watch me anyway!

NH: I stream at, no special characters. I stream Wednesday and Sunday morning, and Saturday afternoon. Is what I’m aiming for, that’s on the schedule.

A: And I stream on this twitch, that’s [transcribers note: pronounced ree-oh-ta]. Normally I stream Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, but Tuesday’s kinda dependent on weekly thing that I do actually airing that day, so then I reschedule to Monday. And today I got called into work, as I complained about multiple times, so I won’t be streaming this evening. And then tomorrow night, I’ll be doing Late Night LOTRO with my Beorning, doing whatever the heck I want. Hopefully, since I figured out my mic issue, you’ll be able to hear me!

C: Yay!

NH: Love your voice.

A: Yeah. My awful, horrible voice.

NH: Your voice is better than – uh, Charlie, why does discord say you’re typing?

A: It’s not. I sound like a twelve year old girl.

C: ‘Cause I’m typing.

NH: Oh. That’s fair. Well, if it makes you feel better, Ace, at least your throat isn’t killing you because you choked on cake.

A: Oh, no, but last week it was killing me because I choked on dentist goo.

Seto Kaiba: And that’s me!

NH: I mean, that’s better for you, at least.

A: Well, no, you’re not supposed to swallow that stuff, that’s why they put the thing there.

Seto Kaiba: My turn!

NH: That sounds fake.

Seto Kaiba: I set a card face down! I set a card face down!

A: So, yeah, this was a shit show. Hopefully next week, we’ll actually have something a bit less crappy.

Video Game Child: I draw!

A: And we’ll be able to have an actual discussion. And things will move smoother.

C: That would be nice.

A: Yeah. Just as an FYI, it’s not gonna be Duel Links every week, I’m just starting with Duel Links for the first few ones, until I get used to multi-tasking. Which I’m bad at because I have ADHD. I have Angels of Death right here. I’m gonna play that, eventually. I’m gonna play that very very soon. I like that game. And stuff like that. And one of my friends gave me a One Piece game that I’ve not touched. Which, I need to play it. So yeah. That’s that. And we’re done!

Goodbye! And have a good day!

C: Sorry you have to work.

A: Sorry I have to work too. It’s only four hours, and then I can always use the overtime.

NH: That’s fair. I mean, it’s not fair. Capitalism is a disease and you should be allowed to have your days off.

A: Yeah. I’m just annoyed because the mid-shift person should be able to handle it by themselves for four hours, even if it gets busy. And if they can’t then there’s a problem. But, you know, whatever. So, have a good day~

NH: You, too. See you next week.

A: See you next week. Bye~~~

C: Bye~

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