First Impressions: Mars Red

Whoever decided to have the main character smoke near non-stop for the first half of the episode deserves to stub their pinky toe on a dull corner intermittently every day for the rest of their life. I’m trying to quit goddamit!

Mars Red is an anime based off a radio drama about vampires in early 1920s Japan. It’s fine. Historical vampires are hard to do wrong, and they at least seem to have put in a lot of research into the time period. I very much appreciate the use of minimal dialogue and exposition – it always feels nice when the creators respect their audience’s intelligence enough to let the visuals speak for themselves. Though it could be off putting for some, the fact that it feels like you’re watching a play instead of an anime is working for them, I gotta say. I dig the old time-y aesthetic of the art style and music. It’s not really my thing, but I can see a lot of people enjoying this one.

That said, whoever is deciding to release anime early is a terrible person and I hope they bite their tongue in the middle of an important speech.

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