First Impressions: Burning Kabaddi

Starting off the spring season proper with Sports~ Oh boy!

This is a sports anime. It is about a ‘new’ sport – that is, one I haven’t seen an anime about before, but it is still a sports anime. The main character’s an idiot who ‘hates sports’ and just wants to live stream. Literally no one cares what he wants, and he is cajoled/blackmailed into joining the school’s kabaddi team. You know, standard sports anime fare. The animation’s fine, and the characters are only slightly two dimensional, so it’d probably do if you don’t have any other sports anime to watch on Friday.

I won’t be watching this one again, though.

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Burning Kabaddi

  1. Kabaddi in India is counted among the most common and widely played traditional sports. There is a popular belief that Kabaddi originated in the Indian state ofTamil Nadu, almost 4,000 years ago. According to a legend, this game came into existence, when a boy hit another boy for his candy. The boy who was hit chased the boy who hit him, and hit him back and ran away. The feature of holding the breath while chasing, was added later when the game evolved. Kabaddi is the game, where one person play against seven people. Kabaddi is also known as the “Game of the Masses” and it has simple, easy to comprehend rules.


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