First Impressions: Those Snow White Notes

It was fine for a bit, and then it was kinda weird, and now it is over.

Those Snow White Notes is, from what I can gather from the premiere, a music anime. Our main character, Setsu, is from a small town and moves to Tokyo after his grandfather dies to find out how to play his instrument real good. The art style reminds me of Old Anime, which I’m guessing is because it’s thematically and stylistically relevant and not because it’s cheaper or less labor intensive, but even if it is I approve. It’s a very soft, muted kind of look. I like it.

it all has this kind of feel, minus the lights. those are only there to represent snow. i could be watching sk8 right now.

The music is fine. Unfortunately, if this music anime is to continue being about music, that might not necessarily be in its favor, since god knows the characters are not interesting enough to carry the show. Oh, and at the end some woman has what looks like a SWAT team break down the door of the apartment Setsu’s staying at and then licks her lips after calling him baby-chan and honestly, that alone was almost enough to cure me of any interest I had in watching the next episode.

this image will haunt me in my dreams! welcome to hell!!!!

I’m going to give this one a couple episodes, though. I think it has potential. You should check it out, too.

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