First Impressions: Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song-

I think my brain is broken now. Jury’s out on whether that’s a good thing.

So this one is… weird. It’s sort of a futuristic sci-fi idol anime, but we never actually hear Vivy sing, and most of the plot revolves around preventing a future violent AI uprising. It’s good? Maybe. The animation’s nice, at least, and none of the characters seem flat to me – at least, so far. The time travelling AI bear is kind of annoying, but I don’t really hate any of them.

I will not, however, be continuing this one, as it makes my brain hurt, and that’s not fun for me.

Please consider checking out our Patreon. For just $5 a month, you get access to our Discord server, where you’re free to explain to me in small words how it makes even the slightest amount of sense that their highly advanced AI have less ability to multi-task then my goddamned toaster oven.

I dare you.

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