First Impressions: Dragon Goes House-Hunting

How the fuck do you make the premiere of a show called Dragon Goes House-Hunting boring.

Look, comedy as a whole is subjective. I get that. Sometimes things that some people think are funny will not be funny to other people. I, personally, do not find generic videogame settings interesting. I don’t find “typically badass character type, but as a cowardly weakling” to be particularly interesting. And I don’t find comedy built on both of those things especially funny.

conveniently enough, i was about to ask you the same question.

The closest to fun this episode came was when our underpowered coward dragon protagonist got ambushed by a group of Heroes, which lasted like thirty seconds before they went back to generic videogame bullshit.

Dearia is cute, though. Killed four Heroes with one lightning blast. I almost felt something. Not much, but it was better than the rest of the episode. The comedy and setting as a whole missed its mark with me in this first episode, but if you don’t mind generic bullshit you might want to give it a shot yourself so you can tell me how wrong I am.

this elven demon lord just killed four adventurers as easily as breathing, so clearly, he’s best suited to being a fucking realtor.

If you really want to prove me wrong, consider donating to our Patreon! For 5$ a month you can join our discord server, which means you will have ample opportunity to explain to me exactly why this show (and others like it) are actually great, and I just don’t get it. Or if all you can do is show us around to your friends, family, and mortal enemies, that’s also a great help! Thanks for giving us your time, and have a fantastic day!

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