First Impressions: Let’s Make A Mug Too

Do you like cute shows about high schoolers in clubs that aren’t sports related? Have you had your soul worn down by the season so far with its uninspired sports anime, brain-breaking sci-fi idols, fucked up age gaps, and boring comedy? Are you interested in pottery? Congratulations, this premiere will clear your acne, flourish your crops, and pass your classes for you!

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Let’s Make A Mug Too is about high schoolers in a pottery club, where our protagonist, Himeno, discovers that her mother was a talented and well-known artisan before her tragic and untimely demise, and also, that she herself actually kind of likes making pottery even if she isn’t personally all that great at it yet. Her dad is not immediately thrilled at the idea – likely because he’s still grieving his late wife and also because of whatever illness he was referencing when he was talking to her grave – but he doesn’t tell her not to join, and does quickly offer his daughter his support.

Also, Mika is super enthusiastic about pottery, and I love her. She is sweet and good and I want to sit and talk to her about pottery for hours because the passions of young teenagers deserve to be indulged and encouraged and also she introduces herself to Himeno like this:

in the pottery club. she’s talking about joining the pottery club. i love her.

It’s cute. It’s fun. I’m going to force the others to watch this and you should, too.

look at them. theyre all adorable. yes the pink haired girl is the protagonist how did you know

If you want to help me convince the others to watch this show with me, you should consider donating to our Patreon! For 1$ a month you get voting rights and early access to reviews, and for 5$ a month you’ll be added to our discord server, where you can help me nag my cowriters into choosing joy and watching this with me. Even if you can’t support us financially, sharing us around to your friends, family, and mortal enemies is a huge help. Whatever you decide, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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