First Impressions: Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!

Sounds promising.

Surprise! Getting hit hurts!

This is an anime about an idiot who completely fucks up his game five minutes in because he didn’t bother to read the box.

OK, that’s probably not fair. The game in question is ten years old and apparently far more realistic than anything else on the market due to the severe backlash from the hyper-realism of said game. It’s entirely understandable that he wouldn’t expect being an impatient asshole to have negative consequences in a video game, especially this early in. And he didn’t actually intend to murder one of the NPCs, he just wasn’t paying attention due to the shock of receiving the above bloody nose.

That said! This kid is kind of an idiot, and an asshole, and I really don’t like him. He’s rude, and boring, and won’t stop staring at people’s tits, which forces the viewer to also stare at people’s tits. He could have very easily avoided the situation in which he found himself by actually listening to what people were telling him instead of jumping to (relatively understandable) conclusions. The art and animation are better than this show deserves, and the concept itself isn’t bad – games like Dark Souls and Cuphead exist for a reason, and the game industry as portrayed in this anime is wildly inaccurate on that point (though maybe the possibility of actually feeling pain in a video game explains some of that) – but the characters themselves are either annoying or nothing, and there’s only so much idiocy I can tolerate in a non-comedy setting.

Check it out if you have a high tolerance for ecchi nonsense and enjoy idiots getting their asses handed to them by NPCs, but I won’t be watching this again.


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