First Impressions: The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Okay, so this seems to be- get this- an isekai anime, featuring a character who is massively overpowered! Wow, what a fresh and novel concept! It’s nearly as fresh and novel as making jokes about what a fresh and novel concept it is!

Eh, at least the girl in all the key visuals isn’t pink.

ah, yes, that most whimsical and fantastical of names: kyle

This premier earns points right of the bat for featuring a female protagonist and a maid that isn’t there for fanservice, but it also loses points for having said protagonist being basically a female Boring GeneriDude whose main point of contention with being basically kidnapped was the prince being more interested in the other woman who was summoned with her. In addition, her taking two weeks to broach the subject of leaving her room suggests a level of timidity that is somewhat at odds with her behavior throughout the rest of the episode. There also doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency about the whole “miasma turning people into monsters” thing, with the other characters bringing it up mainly to explain she was brought there in the first place, then leaving her to her own devices rather than attempting to, say, tell her much of anything about what a Saint is or what she’s supposed to do as one. We don’t even really see the miasma at work, instead having everything told to us by an expository old man who doesn’t even get a face.

The worst moment is probably when Sei’s new boss whose name I don’t think is ever mentioned bursts in on one of her lessons to declare an emergency only for them to cut to them walking briskly down a hall, and then her apparently having to run back to where she was to gather up all the potions she made, because he didn’t think to have her pick them up beforehand.

Overall, though, the episode is fine. The art is fine, the animation is fine, the characters are fine. Everything is profoundly fine. This was a more competent premier than Seven Knights, but not a particularly more engaging one. I could see it having some appeal if you’re into the otome elements, but I couldn’t care less so I’m not going to be continuing with it. Just watch Kakuriyo.

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