First Impressions: Backflip!!

This show better be good enough to justify having to turn off the show I was watching or I swear to god I will quit.

look at them. absolute nerds. they dont even know who their new recruit is yet.

Oh god dammit.

So the thing about sports anime is that I do not typically want to watch a lot of it. It’s usually a fun time, but sports are something that are always more fun to do than to watch. Sports anime is at its best when its about nerds who are passionate about what they’re doing, and are relatable enough that you care about watching them do it less for the actual sport, and more because their passion is infectious, and their existence is joyful, and you want to watch some nerds be passionate about their nerdy interests.

Backflip’s premiere is about a teenage boy who has never really been passionate about the sports he’s played discovering a sport that he thinks is cool as fuck, and deciding he is going to commit himself to it, and it’s adorable. The music is… fine, and the animation is, from my layman’s eye, very nice, and the other gymnasts are absolutely those nerds who are passionate about a thing they love, and who are for the most part excited to see this boy who has never done gymnastics before fall in love with it, and all this is to say that I will not be quitting, either writing for the site or watching Backflip, because Shotaro and his newfound love for rhythmic gymnastics is great and I’m going to sit through every episode until it betrays me.

this is shotaro. hes my son and i love him.

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