First Impressions: 86

First things first, the sound design for this premiere has no fucking right.

A hundred and twenty some-odd years in the future, some racist assholes are using people as cannon fodder under the justification that they aren’t really human, since they don’t belong to the eighty-five recognized districts of the highly advanced and ethically responsible Republic of San Magnolia.

i think this series might have something to say about the nature of warfare and the military complex, but it’s too soon to say for sure.

Lena, our military stooge protagonist, does have some slight issue with the way her abusive military society exploits the 86s – not enough of one to, like, quit, but she believes enough in their humanity that she at least gets real sad when they die, unlike her coworkers who openly mock them as being pigs, an insult that the 86s also use, which is. A choice.

Also, while I did say the sound design had no fucking right, it also had no choice but to be good, since the idea behind the Juggernauts is that their Handler syncs their aural input with the squadron they’re in charge of, so if a single part of the audio wasn’t on point it would have been a bit of a problem.

I’m actually hopeful for this one. We don’t spend much time with the 86s, but it’s clear they think about as highly of their Handlers as their Handlers tend to think of them, and also, that they’re a lot more fun to watch than Lena with her weak-ass conscience and her dickhead coworkers. Just as long as they can manage to avoid falling into the “both sides” trap.

Here’s our Patreon, if you feel willing and able to help us out a bit. If not, I still hope you have a fantastic day, and that we’ll see you again soon!

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