First Impressions: I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

As the only one of our contributors to not have any experience with this series, I feel any dissatisfaction with my opinion here should be directed at one of them, since they’re the reason I had to watch it.

A mid-20s office worker dies of overwork, and is reincarnated into a peaceful wilderness filled with slimes, except unlike when this happened in By the Grace of the Gods, this reincarnated mage spends 300 years killing them.

Also, instead of coming up with a compelling excuse the way Grace did, our protagonist this time was allegedly just reincarnated because the god who isekai’d her has a “preference” for teenage girls, which is creepy even if the god in question is presenting femininely.

that’s fucking creepy, actually!

After 300 years of killing slimes and mixing potions, Azusa maxes out her level, because this new world runs on videogame logic with levels and stats and hidden abilities and all that shit, and it’s. Fine. Azusa is overpowered to the point of boredom, because while the comedy of the situation may appeal to some, it most certainly does not appeal to me.

It’s one saving grace is that it is very gay, but sadly that is not enough of a saving grace to hold my attention. Check it out if you like isekai set in videogame worlds, or if you wished By the Grace of the Gods had been more generic.

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