First Impressions: Peach Boy Riverside

It’s not a good sign when your title alone can make someone want to go bed. I gather from the episode summary it’s a Momotaro thing, but “Peach Boy” are two words that simply do not belong together in any context other than that of one eating the other. I couldn’t say why they don’t belong together, but they don’t belong together.

i have a headache

I have to give this premier credit: It’s not often an episode I went into expecting the worst manages to be even worse than that. Just the sight of the name “Saltherine” caused me to take a moment to reflect on all of the choices I’ve made throughout my life leading to me sitting here, in the dark, on a Thursday, reading the name “Saltherine” with my own two eyeballs. I’ve pinpointed learning to read as the first mistake, and it’s just gone downhill from there.

This anime is bad, y’all. I hate it, but I hate it in a way that just makes me feel tired, rather than in a way that makes me want to go through and iterate all the things I hate about it. In short, it’s ugly and dumb and the characters are lame and a bunch of stuff just happens for no reason other than the plot needs it to. I was overjoyed when there was a boobie-boing halfway through giving me an excuse to stop watching. The rabbit’s cute, though.

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