First Impressions: Girlfriend Girlfriend

So you know how sometimes you’ll be watching a romantic drama where the Main Boy Character has very clear chemistry with both his main love interests, and they get along really well with each other, but he has to choose Just One, and you’ll be sitting there thinking to yourself, “Okay, but can I introduce you to my good friend, polyamory?” And then at the end the main character DOES just pick one and you’re sitting there like, “okay, sure, I’m super happy for you, generic straight dude, but this ending sucks and the three of you could’ve just been queer together.”

this could be your romcom but the ideals of monogamy have poisoned the well of interesting romantic media

The Girlfriend Girlfriend premiere feels like someone took those feelings, and then sat down to write a story where actually, fuck you, this dude is going to date both of these girls, who are also veryclearly interested in each other.

hey saki i think you might be bi

Except they weren’t especially interested in the actual getting together part, so much as the hijinks that might arise from learning how to navigate such a relationship, so the first episode is very awkwardly paced and also extremely loud without much actual thought or time given to develop them as characters, a lot like the HYPNOSISMIC premiere but without the rap music and actually fun despite the occasional teeth-aching cringe.

the negotiation part of this arrangement could use some work. and clothes.

It was fun. I’m looking forward to watching more of it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go rewatch the My Next Life premiere.

tempting fate? what’s that?

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