First Impressions: Kegeki Shojo!!

This looks like something I’m not gonna like.

You know that character that is just overwhelmingly positive and sweet and nice and you’re supposed to like them, but they’re just so loud and incapable of respecting boundaries that you can only handle them in small doses? Yeah, one of the main characters in this is that. Her foil just so happens to be the ‘I trained myself out of feelings yet obviously not because I get annoyed at things’ type. I do strongly relate to her desire to be left alone by random strangers and not be touched, however.

It was technically a good episode, I really like the art style, and the concept is good, if not entirely original. Sadly, I was right, and it’s not really my thing, so I won’t be continuing it unless forced.

Please check out our Patreon. I’m going to go eat something very salty in order to balance out the sugar that is the above mentioned character.

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