First Impressions: The Detective is Already Dead

Since today in America is Get Drunk & Play With Explosives Day, instead of rambling about this show based on nothing but the title and key vis, I’m going to don my Emergency Room Employee Hat and deliver a PSA.

Now, I know this is going to sound like something that shouldn’t need to be said, but last night we got a patient who Got Drunk & Played With Explosives and blew their fucking hands off. There was blood everywhere; the patient had to be intubated and flown to a hospital with an actual trauma center; it wasn’t a pretty sight. I don’t know if they survived. I could Google their name and try to find out, but that feels to me like pushing the limits of what I should be doing with patient information.

So, please: Do not play with explosives while you’re drunk. Either be sober and play with explosives, or get drunk and don’t play with explosives.

So on that cheery note, it’s time to make fun of an anime.

“i’m so bored i’m going to recount my entire backstory to myself. i knew i should’ve bought a book while i was still in the airport”

I know I ran the “this genre anime sure is a genre anime” bit into the ground like five years ago, but this detective anime sure is a detective anime. The most unique things about it are that the Obligatory Sinister Organization uses weird robots to do its Obligatory Sinister Organization things and that we’re expected to believe this 25-year-old:

you mean the one where you teach, you obvious grown man?

is in middle school, despite him being identical to the 28-year-old main character of the anime I covered yesterday.

But aside from expecting us to believe this person:

pictured: a taxpayer

can’t smoke, drink, or go outside after 11pm, everything is pretty much typical detective anime (you know, aside from the first episode twist that’s barely a twist because it’s the title of the damn series).

If you like detective anime, you’ll like this detective anime. If you don’t, nothing here will change your mind. I like detective anime, and it probably speaks well of the pacing that I didn’t notice this was a double-length premier until it was over (oh, when will my sleep come back from the premier season?). Unless this season ends up as crowded as last season I’ll probably stick with it. I still don’t buy that that kid is a kid, though.

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: The Detective is Already Dead

  1. Hmm, I like detective anime, I might check this one out. Is it available via Funamation or Crunchyroll?


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