First Impressions: The Duke of Death and His Maid

This series opens on the Universal logo, an experience so jarring I immediately had to pause and double check this wasn’t actually a movie and I’d missed the memo.

The animation in this show is weird. It feels very exaggerated, where even the smallest moments have been emphasized to draw your attention, which is pretty awkward during the more lighthearted scenes but works extremely well during the more dramatic or emotionally poignant moments.

she cant she has a boss to embarrass

Anyway, apparently the Duke was cursed to kill everything he touches when he was five, which applies to every part of his body and his clothing, apparently. In the first half of the episode, that’s used as comedy as his maid insists on getting as close to him as physically possible without actually touching him. It’s cringey, and while it’s clear later on that the Duke doesn’t actually object out of disinterest so much as a desire not to, y’know, kill her, he does still object, and she does explicitly ignore his objects in favor of continuing their comedy harassment routine.

just give him the damn cookie alice

Attempts at comedy aside, I actually kind of really liked this episode? Alice and the Duke have a very cute relationship, and it’s clear that they mean a lot to each other even if their relationship is complicated by his curse. It was a strong start. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

i have nothing funny to add, i just really loved this scene. it started out rough but you pulled through in the end kid

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