First Impressions: The aquatope on white sand


oh man i wonder if this will be important. like, thematically.
is “everything” code for “a vulnerable mark” bc if so i can also see everything
this is a weird strategy but you’re gorgeous so i wish you luck
oh no fuuka’s a Good Girl and im gonna cry
oh man i wonder if this will be important… like… t h e m a t i c a l l y
pictured: my showering habits from 2007-2018
pictured: my academic concerns circa 2007-2013
god dont we all
miss i think that fish is trying to eat your hair
i dont know if she wants a job or a place to stay but this is a weird way of going about asking

Go watch the aquatope on white sand, thank you, good night.

Here’s our Patreon, if you wish to enable my lazy First Impressions attempts, and if not, no worries! Have a fantastic day, and I hope the universe treats you kindly!

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