First Impressions: The Dungeon of Black Company

This one looked stupid, and it is! It follows the exploits of the main character whose name I can’t be bothered to remember as he’s isekai’d into a parallel world to work for a black company. He’s dearest dream is to be a NEET (no education, employment, or training), but I’m not entirely certain he understands what a NEET actually is. I hate him, and he should never be trusted with any amount of power, as the moment he receives any, he immediately uses it to make those around him suffer. The show runners probably have some character growth planned for him, but I really don’t care either way. I kinda hope the demon girl he made a deal with just eats him already.

I’m not watching this again, and you shouldn’t either – even if you like this sort of thing, there’re plenty of better options available to you.

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EDIT: Upon further reflection, I seem to have missed the point of this anime. I blame every other isekai I’ve seen making the main character the hero. Jerk Main Character was made to suffer for our entertainment, and while I won’t be continuing this, I can recommend y’all at least check this first episode out.

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