I almost want to say not to watch this based only on the painfully “hip” title, but I’m a Professional amateur so I’ll do my best to give it the same fair shot that I give all premiers.

‘well for one thing i’m still in high school’

I’ll spare you my rant against CG anime because I already wrote it, but suffice to say I like it no more now than I did then, and it’s especially a bad choice for an action-focused series because the models never seem to actually touch each other, and having characters leap tall buildings in a single bound is far less impressive when they don’t weigh anything.

It really is a shame, too, because if it was more traditionally animated, this would be a pretty good premier. It’s neat to have a magical girl anime that also has magical boys in it, and while terms like “Weird” and “Knocker-up” fall just on the wrong side of lame, they’re at least better then, say “Hand Shaker.”

Ultimately, though, action anime kinda live or die on their animation, and this one, sad to say, dies. If you have literally nothing better to do, you might not regret giving it a try, but you could probably spend that time playing one of the video games this premier will remind you of instead.

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