First Impressions: Night Head 2041.

First impression: Oh, is this going to be like if Farenheit 451 was an anime with a cyberpunk aesthetic?

Immediate second impression: Wait, haven’t I seen this anime before?

Immediate third impression: Wait, isn’t this that show that everyone tries to make and never seems to get right?

right, this show.

Y’all, I was exhausted by this premiere from the moment it started talking about bonds and how One Great Man is coming to make Waves that will Change the World. We get it. Your dystopia setting is one where the world sucks, and now this member of the oppressive fascist regime that runs the world discovers he has the same Super Special Psychic Powers that he’s meant to be killing people for having. I’m sure his crisis of faith in himself and his government will be very dramatic and emotional. Its resolution is bound to bring either a lot of catharsis to the audience, or be flubbed very badly and end up undermining the message its meant to convey.

At least the music is good. Feel free to tell me in twelve weeks how wrong I was.

you guys remember this show.

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