First Impressions: The Heike Story

Apparently this one is based on Japanese folklore and I enjoy Japanese folklore so I’ll forgive it for coming out two weeks before the premier season.

This time.


First off, for clarification’s sake, even though Biwa is stated more than once to be AFAB and the subtitles use she/her pronouns, he said he was a boy so I’ll be sticking to my standing policy of taking the character’s word for it and referring to him as such until he says different, okay? Okay.

This episode was fantastic. I really like the art style, the animation was really nice, the music is pleasant, I like the characters I’m supposed to like and dislike the characters I’m supposed to dislike, and I’m interested in the conflict presented and eager to see where the story will take it. It is, in short, a perfect premier. Definitely check it out if this seems like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, and also check it out if it isn’t.

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