First Impressions: takt op.DESTINY

A nerd and a tiny weapon child use music to kill alien monsters from outer space.

these are my children and you can take them from me over my cold dead body

As many of you know, my current favorite movie is Pacific Rim (2013), which is about humanity utilizing the power of trust and love to power giant robots to kill giant alien monsters from an alternate dimension, so this premiere is right up my alley. I love me some relatively cheesy but ultimately cute and heartwarming stories about how humans are all right, actually, and this show has a lot of potential in that direction.

The music isn’t great, which is a bit of a flaw considering the premise, but it’s good enough that I’m hopeful that the soundtrack will evolve into something appropriately epic as the series progresses. And I love how awkward and disconnected the main trio’s conversations always end up being; they are very clearly Strangers on a Road Trip, for all Anna refers to Cosette as her little sister, and it has a lot of potential for drama and comedy going forward.

Also, Takt empowers Cosette’s magic fighting abilities by blowing up his arm.

don’t worry it comes back

I’m going to keep watching it, because I have excellent taste that has never steered me wrong, and you should also watch it, because it’s silly and nicely animated and the music is okay and its just an all around nice way to spend half an hour.

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