Adaptations: Anime or Live Action?

Reading is fun, but sometimes you wanna let someone else decide what things look like and/or sound like, because choices are hard. That’s where adaptations come in. Adaptations are rampant, and it can be hard to decide which to watch, if at all. Here’s an entirely subjective opinion on which to watch, with very little reasoning behind them, for properties that I haven’t actually read (don’t judge me).

1: Given – a coming of age story about two teenage boys starting a band and falling in love.


or Live Action?

Either! Both cover the same territory and are well done, so flip a coin, and you can’t go wrong! You can find both on Crunchyroll.

2: The King’s Avatar – E-Sports icon falls to the bottom and works his way back up.


or Live Action?

Anime. Definitely anime. The live action version is decent, and all of the actors are both talented (at acting) and very pretty, but please, for the sake of your sanity, just watch the anime. The live action version Makes Choices that no one who has ever played an actual video game would ever ever make. There’s sadly no official place to watch the anime (that my two second google search could locate), but the live action version is on Tencent.

3: Pokémon– Super-powered creatures exist and are cool with living in tiny balls.


or Live Action?

(Yes, I know the movie is based on a different game, it’s the same franchise, shush.)

Both! As the anime and live action versions are barely related to each other, and both are fun to watch, you might as well watch both (not all at once though, the anime is long and has many series).

Sound off in the comments with your own preferred adaptations, and why I’m right about the live action The King’s Avatar. (Seriously. The Choices.)

(Sorry, Yang Yang, you’re still very pretty.)

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