The Official Ace Anime Reviews Auto-Drop List

It occurred to me recently that we had not posted our list of reasons we will automatically drop an anime to the site yet, so here that is. (Ace’s reasons are posted to Tumblr, but they’re here for completionist reasons.)

Noah Haley: 

  1. I do not vibe with it. Fairly self-explanatory, if a little instinctual and vague.
  2. Pedophilia, because it’s fucking gross..
  3. Incest, because it’s fucking gross.


  1. Pedophilia, especially played romantically or for comedy. The sexualization of children is messed up and wrong, and also triggering for me personally, so I won’t watch anything that includes it for any reason.
  2. Rape and sexual assault, especially played romantically or for comedy. Same reasons as pedophilia.
  3. An excess of panty shots, boob jiggles, and overly sexualized outfits. It makes me uncomfortable, and I don’t enjoy it. 
  4. Setting up incestuous relationships, including those between non-blood relatives (step-relatives, and the like). It’s gross, and weird, and I can only assume the people that write these relationships have never actually had siblings, or cousins, or step-siblings, or etc.
  5. An excess of gore. I don’t like it, it’s super gross, and I won’t watch it.


  1. Setting up a romantic relationship between immediate family members
  2. Setting up a romantic relationship between an adult and a minor
  3. Boobies that go boing
  4. Rape jokes
  5. Cop shows
  6. Idol shows

Bonus: Charlie won’t even start anything marketed as or resembling horror, because Charlie is a huge baby.

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