Rating Pies I Like Because Holidays

Hey, you like pie? Me too. Let’s talk pie.

Here’s a list of some good ones. Yes, it’s super basic, don’t judge me. The year’s almost over, and it hasn’t been a great one, so I’m going to ignore the ones I don’t like. Also, be aware, there are many many types of pie, and I am very picky, so if your favorite isn’t listed it’s very likely I just haven’t tried it yet.

(Insert Mario voice) Here we go~~~

Cherry Pie: I’m not a big fan of cherries in their natural form, but drowning them in sugar and butter is an excellent start. B+

Tart is still not a nice flavor for me tho’.

Lemon Meringue: Tastes like sharp sunshine. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. B+

Sometimes it tastes like lemonade tho’, and that makes my tongue sad.

Pumpkin Pie: Yummy yummy, tastes like fall and feasting. Application of whipped cream is strongly advised. A

Not a fan of cold pie usually, so good job.

Apple Pie: Specifically the kind with the brown sugar crumbly top. Is very good however it’s served, but especially warm with whipped cream on top. A+

Tastes like cinnamon and happiness.

And those are all the pies I like. What kind of dessert is your favorite?

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