First Impressions: Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle

Okay so lemme- lemme see if I've got my notes on this right. White Cat (untranslated) Project ZERO (all caps) Chronicle is an anime adaptation of a free to play mobile rpg's third anniversary event, which was a prologue exploring The Lore of the game's world. Delightful. What a bad show. What a bad, bad, … Continue reading First Impressions: Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle

First Impressions: A3! _ACT!ADDICT!ACTORS!_

I thought this was gonna be an idol anime from the thumbnail, but it turns out its even worse! Its about a theatre company! Specifically its about a girl helping save her the failing all-male theatre company ("all-male" here means one member and a parrot) her missing father used to work at from the yakuza, … Continue reading First Impressions: A3! _ACT!ADDICT!ACTORS!_

First Impressions: Interspecies Reviewers

This episode opened with a graphic content warning, which set up expectations that it then failed to live up to. Interspecies Reviewer is a.... sex comedy? I don't know, its about a trio of adventurers arguing about which variety of monster girl is best. It, uh. It basically just feels like a visual representation of … Continue reading First Impressions: Interspecies Reviewers

First Impressions: Infinite Dendrogram

Sword Art Online is a show about an author seeking to cash in on the concept of full-dive VR and the isekai adventure power fantasy genre while also knowing absolutely nothing about MMORPGs, video games in general, or what makes a good story. It stars a dull-looking, milquetoast teenage boy protagonist with no discernable personality … Continue reading First Impressions: Infinite Dendrogram