First Impressions: A3! _ACT!ADDICT!ACTORS!_

I thought this was gonna be an idol anime from the thumbnail, but it turns out its even worse! Its about a theatre company! Specifically its about a girl helping save her the failing all-male theatre company ("all-male" here means one member and a parrot) her missing father used to work at from the yakuza, … Continue reading First Impressions: A3! _ACT!ADDICT!ACTORS!_

First Impressions: Interspecies Reviewers

This episode opened with a graphic content warning, which set up expectations that it then failed to live up to. Interspecies Reviewer is a.... sex comedy? I don't know, its about a trio of adventurers arguing about which variety of monster girl is best. It, uh. It basically just feels like a visual representation of … Continue reading First Impressions: Interspecies Reviewers

First Impressions: Infinite Dendrogram

Sword Art Online is a show about an author seeking to cash in on the concept of full-dive VR and the isekai adventure power fantasy genre while also knowing absolutely nothing about MMORPGs, video games in general, or what makes a good story. It stars a dull-looking, milquetoast teenage boy protagonist with no discernable personality … Continue reading First Impressions: Infinite Dendrogram

First Impressions: ID: Invaded

A second two-part premiere in as many days! How exciting. This one, however, is leagues ahead of the last. ID: Invaded is about a brilliant detective (they use that exact phrase multiple times) named Sakaido, who helps catch murderers by entering their mind palaces (here called "id wells", and are specifically born from the murderer's … Continue reading First Impressions: ID: Invaded