First Impressions: Idol Anime Blitz!

Because none of us particularly care for idol anime, I will be doing this season's all at once. You're welcome. First Anime: Gekidol "Good thing you're the protagonist!" Girl sees theater production, wants to become actress, also there's an apocalypse going on. 6/10 - good animation, decent music, characters fine Second Anime: I*Chu the best … Continue reading First Impressions: Idol Anime Blitz!

First Impressions:: Higurashi: When They Cry

That isn't how blood splatter works, I'm pretty sure. Higurashi is a remake of the OVA adaptation of the kinetic novels of the same name. It begins with our protagonist, Keichii, beating the dead bodies of his best friends like they’re overly macabre novelty pinatas, and then jumps back in time to when things are … Continue reading First Impressions:: Higurashi: When They Cry