The Official Ace Anime Reviews Auto-Drop List

It occurred to me recently that we had not posted our list of reasons we will automatically drop an anime to the site yet, so here that is. (Ace’s reasons are posted to Tumblr, but they’re here for completionist reasons.) Noah Haley:  I do not vibe with it. Fairly self-explanatory, if a little instinctual and … Continue reading The Official Ace Anime Reviews Auto-Drop List

First Impressions: Ancient Girl’s Frame

How did I become the unofficial mecha anime reviewer? Where did I go wrong? 10/10, Nice Shot! This is another 'only teen-aged girls can operate our incredibly deadly equipment for some reason!' anime. It's fine. Other premieres in this genre impressed me more, but there's nothing terrible about this one. Feel free to check it … Continue reading First Impressions: Ancient Girl’s Frame