First Impressions: Grimms Notes the Animation

I sense fairy tales... Copyright¬†infringement? Grimms Notes the Animation is about a group of characters wandering through beloved fairy tales battling a corrupting influence and becoming closer as friends. Wait, isn't that the plot of Kingdom Hearts? It is! This is basically Kingdom Hearts: the anime! Only not nearly as fun. Or interesting. Or good. … Continue reading First Impressions: Grimms Notes the Animation

First Impressions: Rinshi! Ekoda-chan

You ever watch a show that 1/4 of the way through turned into another kind of show? Disconcerting, right? Neat. Rinshi! Ekoda-chan is based on a 4-koma manga that follows the life of the author living and working in Tokyo. It, apparently, has a decently sized fanbase in Japan. The actual anime part of this … Continue reading First Impressions: Rinshi! Ekoda-chan